Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brunch at the Kramers

Thunderbird Brunch/Meeting at the Kramers

After a cold and wet spring, approximately fifty Thunderbird club members gathered at the Kramer's home on June 14th to enjoy the warm, sunny weather that they apparently special ordered for us! This was the largest gathering of Thunderbirds that 1 had seen since the show in Arlington. I think everyone was excited to finally have a nice enough day to get the cars out of the garage and enjoy them. The baby 'Birds quickly filled up the driveway around the Kramer's home and started to spill out into the streets. Apparently, they have a very good relationship with the neighbors, as more 'Birds filled up the driveway across the street. While it was a beautiful sight for all of us to enjoy, quite a few people passing by had to slow down or stop to take it all in!

Once inside, we were greeted by a vast spread of food in the dining room. Marylu worked very hard to provide a wonderful selection and even had it accented on the table by a couple of little pink 'Birds! Some Club members provided additional tasty treats, as they showcased their favorite dishes. For anyone who has been on a T-Bird outing, you know that our club enjoys good food, and this sure did not disappoint. And yes, I'll admit I went back for seconds! Of course, to go along with the food, drinks were served at the bar by our host, Pete.

Pete and Marylu have a beautiful home, great for entertaining our large group. And it was especially welcoming, as I think there was a picture or drawing of one of their cars in every room. (It's nice for my husband to see it's not just me who does that!) People spread out in the kitchen, sunroom, and outside on the porch and terrace. Outside, we realized we were playing "musical chairs", as the group at the table was constantly rotating, as everyone wanted to get a chance to talk with everyone else, some that haven't seen each other for a while. One very nice thing with this group is that no matter how long it has been since you have seen someone, it is like family where you can just pick right up where you left off!

Another typical sight for a T-Bird outing, there was always a large group of people gathered at the garage. I don't know about others, but I'm always on the lookout for ideas on how to fit more cars in our garage. I'm hoping my husband was taking notes!

As promised, Pete offered up pontoon rides on the lake. It was so pretty and peaceful on the lake that it seemed like we were in a remote resort community, not right off of Route 83. Pete has a lot of history on the lake, so he provided a very interesting guided tour. It was very surprising to find out that some of the big. beautiful houses were enclosing the original 800 square foot lake cottages within them!

We thank Marylu and Pete for treating us to such a special day!
Until we all gather again at the next food gala -
Hot Dog Gala & Drive In Movie
July 11, 2009
Coordinated by: Len & Mary Keil

- Kami Woody

MEMBERS ON-THE-SCENE: Dan & Karen Anderson,
Rudy Budach, Bob & Marcy Burhop, Steve Davajon. Bert
& Jane Eisenhour, Pete & Lisa Ekstrom. Gordon Gluft'&
Mary Ziemba, Maryann Graziano & Paul Ureche, Joel
Greenberg & Annie Luginbill, Art & Gail Hascek, Laura
Hascek & Mike Cielinski, Len & Mary Keil, Larry & Karen
Kelly, Joe & Sandy Kraatz, Pete & Marylu Kramer
(HOSTS), Ed Levin & Rose Kovalenko, Mike & Christina
Pavlak. Ron Pavlak, Dave & Marian Pogorski, Lloyd &
Joan Scheliin, Gary & Debbie Smithe. Ken & Kathy
Smizinski, Bill & Bonnie Thelen, Len & Irene Vinyard, Bill
& Liz Werth, Jim Wilson. Tom & Alice Wolfe, Chad &
Kami Woody and Joe & Madeline Zambon.
FOR INQUIRING MINDS: Pete reports that there were
20-two passenger T-Birds, plus 4-Retro 'Birds assembled
"in the neighborhood!" - Ed.

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