Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Longest Auto Race

RECREATING PART of The Longest Auto Race!

IT WAS IN THE HEART OF WINTER IN 1908 AS 6 Automobiles - entered in the New York to Paris Great Race - made their way into Geneva, Illinois. While the early morning of October 23rd this year was chilly, it did not deter a small group from continuing their celebration of the centennial of the 1908 Race.
With Cleon Statton, a former CTCC member, and other aficionados, we anxiously awaited the arrival of the cars at 8:30 a.m. The unmistakable growl of vintage engines signaled their arrival, as the welcoming crowd greeted (and photographed) the adventurous crews!
The vehicles included a monster, customized Peterbilt truck, a VW Beetle, a 1940 Cadillac, a sporty Chrysler Convertible Coupe, a 1918 Chevrolet Touring car and an open-cockpit 1930 Chevy Speedster.
The group is attempting to follow as much of the original U.S. route as possible, excluding the heavy traffic in downtown Chicago. The Racers left after enjoying coffee and donuts.

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