Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Editor's Notebook- Dec. 2008

the editor's NOTEbook

WITH SNOW HAVING MADE ITS PRESENCE KNOWN, IT SEEMS ONLY natural that our thoughts now turn to indoor activities and/or events. The Annual Holiday Party (Dec. 6fh) leads into the first outing for the New Year: Pete and Marylu Kramer have set plans for CTCC to join in on the festivities at the Willowbrook Ballroom on Friday, Jan. 16th. See pg. 3 for details on the Winter Dance Party.

SIDE-BAR: The Chicagoland Thunderbirds will be celebrating their Christmas Party at Chandler's on December 6th! Their members will also be attending the Willowbrook event on (you guessed it!) Jan. 16th.

Speaking of the calendar for 2009 events, you will note that the ever-popular (FREE!) Pizza Party date is indicated as "Tentative." Group reservations at Jake's will be made in January.

With the busy summer schedule filling all available space with stories and photos, the long-delayed Part 2 of 'The True Story......" is finally published - refer to pages 9 and 10. (Part 1 was featured in the August '08 issue of BIRD-NEWS - see pages 6 and 7.) The "behind-the-scenes" article is most definitely worthwhile reading, adding still another chapter to T-Bird history.

The photo coverage of The Longest Auto Race (LAR) stopover in Geneva, Illinois (page 7) presents a look at the wide variety of vehicles participating in the New York to San Francisco portion of the 1908 Great Race! Since entrants in the 1908 New York to Paris Race did make astop in Geneva, it was great to visit with the intrepid crews involved in the "recreation" oftheU.S. segment of the historic event!


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