Saturday, July 12, 2008

Editor's Notebook- June 2008

the editor's NOTEbook


THE CTCC CALENDAR [PAGE 2] NOW INCLUDES THE DATE FOR THE 2ND ANNUAL SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE DRIVE-IN. Preview information is presented on page 10, with complete details to appear in the July issue of BIRD-NEWS.
Mark the date - Saturday, July 19th - on your CTCC calendar.

Page 10 also outlines preliminary plans for the Fall Tour, which is being designed by the Ekstroms. Since our club has not visited this scenic area for a number of years, it is a not-to-be missed Tour!

Thanks to Liz and Bill Werth, we have comprehensive coverage of the Spring Tour - pages 6-8, including 2-photo pages and an interesting view of the classic T-Birds that appears at the top of page 9.

Sadly, we record the passing of Chuck Maddox III [page 4] whose family enjoyed many years of membership in CTCC, starting in the early 70s. Chuck's interest in things T-Bird was never-ending....

Don't forget to join us at the Membership Meeting; Russell's BBQ on June 12th! Great BBQ's.

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