Saturday, July 12, 2008

48 in 08- July 10th update

The 48 in 08 tour is in countdown mode! For the most recent information, read on ....

1. Caravan communications: We will be using two-way radios on Channel 7, Interference Code 1, as long as there isn't a lot of outside chatter; if there is chatter, we'll try one channel up or down.

2. Phone communications: If you need to contact us by phone, please call Doc's cell phone, 650-759-4302. If Doc is driving, his navigator, Paul Lynch, will answer.

3. E-mail communications: Please send all e-mail to Lucy is taking a laptop computer and will check e-mail as time and Internet connections permit.

4. Capitol photos: Photos will be taken in the evening in Sacramento on Thursday, July 24, and in Carson City on Friday, July 25.

5. Reservations: If you plan to meet us in Sacramento and/or Carson City, please be sure you have notified Doc. We need a final count of the number of T-Birds and people for both locations. (See July Newsletter on website for details.)

6. Convention: The 48 in 08 tour will have an un-manned table at the convention. Stop by to see samples of the caps/shirts and order forms; if you order during the convention, your order will be shipped to your home -- in time for our arrival in your home state! The 'By the Time I Get to Phoenix' entry forms will also be there, plus McPherson College literature. We also want to take a photo of the 48 in 08 participants at the convention - probably before or after the awards banquet.

7. Publicity: Doc, the Chick Magnet and 48 in 08 are on the cover of the July issue of Northern & Central California's "Cruisin' News". A nice article about the tour and CTCI inside.

8. Friends: CASCO has been added to the list of Friends for the tour.

9. Newsletter: The July Newsletter is on the website and will be continually updated until we start the tour.

10. Journal and Photos: To keep track of the tour's progress, check the Journal and Tour Photos sections on our website. It will be updated as time permits.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you in Portland and/or on the road.

Lucy Clark, CTCI # 26656, home phone 714-630-4066
Doc Dockter, CTCI # 33331, Cell 650-759-4302

48 in 08 Tour information at

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