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Editor's Notebook- April 2008

Editor's Notebook Apr 2008

HAVING SPOTTED THREE ROBINS early on the morning of March 13th, it seemed a positive sign that Spring would soon follow! The arrival of some 5 Inches of snow on the 21st doomed any chance of seeing a classic T-Bird roaming the salt-laden highways.

photo caption: This month our cover features the 1957 Ford Thunderbird. The photo is one of 63 included in The Thunderbird Anthology CD that was introduced in the February issue of Bird-News. Pictured is a Thunderbird Bronze 'Bird, a color which appears in varying shades in restorations that are entered in today's Concours d'Elegance competition.

The CTCC Calendar (page 2) now includes "A Day at the Hangar" with complete details of this exciting event appearing on page 5. Also, some PREVIEWS of additional T-Bird events are listed on page 3. For more info on "the Dells" and the "Spring Fling" events, check out the following: DELLS or ; SPRING FLING XVIII (Iowa) .

Gail Hascek says that not only were she and Art at the Willowbrook Party on January 27th, but they braved the dance-floor to "trip the light fantastic!"

In compiling the 1977 Ford Museum information that appears on page 6, I recall having included Mr. Burnett's name on a list of Ford contacts for Karl Ludvigsen, who was writing "The Short, Happy Flight of THE EARLY BIRD" for Automobile Quarterly Magazine. As the Research Consultant for A-Q, I set-up as many Ford contacts as possible in the allotted 2-week "crash" program, to complete my part of the project. The article - and color photos - appeared in the Volume 9, Number 1 issue (Fall 1970) of A-Q, and I still recall Mr. Burnett's consternation when he discovered that he had not received a copy of the issue! A-Q promptly responded to my request to have a copy of the issue forwarded to Mr. Burnett. Happily, once this oversight had been resolved, Bill and I remained friends until his passing in December of 1975.

The T-Bird Registry (page 7) is reprinted from the March 2008 issue of Trail Bird News. Your T-Bird info would help expand this worthwhile project; why not send your Thunderbird data to Dave Tulowitzky and be included?

Get Well and Hurry Back! Joe Zambon has recently undergone surgery, and we all join in wishing him a speedy recover.


-- Bert Eisenhour, Ed. Bird-News

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