Friday, May 9, 2008

48 in 08- May update

Some of you are probably wondering why you haven't heard much about 48 in 08 lately. Mostly because Doc and Lucy have been doing some pre-'48 in 08' traveling:
Doc was out-of-country for over 2 weeks touring New Zealand and Australia with members of the Santa Clara Valley CTCI Chapter. (They did not take their Thunderbirds but did meet with a Thunderbird club in Australia.)
Lucy just returned from the Arizona Route 66 Fun Run in Seligman/Kingman/Topock, Arizona. This trip provided the perfect opportunity to try out the cruise control recently installed in Betsy Bird. It worked great and will be used a lot on the Interstates during the 48 in 08 tour.
Now we're ready to concentrate on 48 in 08 again -- only a couple months before we start the tour. Here's the latest:

1. A few 48 in 08 apparel items will be available soon, including 48 in 08 caps and shirts. Check our website in another week or two for full details and photos. A portion of the sale price of each item - after setup cost is recovered - will be donated to Mc Pherson College's Automotive Restoration Department.

2. A limited number of small car window 48 in 08 static-cling decals are now available. They look like the 48 in 08 sign on the Chick Magnet. One will be provided for each Thunderbird registered for 48 in 08. They will also be available for purchase. If you want a free car window decal, register now while supplies last.

3. The historic Dearborn Inn has been selected for our overnight in Dearborn, MI, Monday, August 25. This hotel was built by Henry Ford in 1931 and is near Greenfield Village.

4. We would appreciate receiving all Registration Forms by June 30 so we have contact information for everyone participating in the tour before we are on the road (our mail will be on hold at the post office during the tour).

5. The 48 in 08 website has been updated, including the start of the May-June Newsletter, additional Hotels, more Friends, and a section where Photos taken during the 48 in 08 tour will be added as we travel.

Note: It has been a challenge to keep up with the e-mail and phone calls. If we haven't responded, please accept our apologies and contact us again.

Hope to see you this summer in Portland and/or during 48 in 08.

Lucy Clark, phone 714-630-4066
Doc Dockter, phone 650-591-5939

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