Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rarin' to go!

There's a touch of Thunderbird in every Ford . . . you can see it . . . you can feel it!

Rarin' to go . . .

Not only does Ford look like the Thunderbird,
it behaves like it too, with Trigger-Torque performance!

A car doesn't always need to take off and travel like a well hit golf ball! But, it's a nice, secure feeling to know your Ford has the Trigger-Torque "up-and-at-em" to do it, should emergency dictate. And it's also great having a car that looks like it's rarin' to go! Ford's long, low Thunderbird like lines say "action" in every detail. Such things are especially wonderful when they come at Ford's low prices!

... and going more places!

More and more you see Fords in front of homes where formerly costlier cars were parked!

It's a real satisfaction to know you're piloting a car that's the pride and joy of discriminating owners from Maine to California. And even if you do have the money to burn, there's something else about a Ford that will tickle your good business sense. Manufacturer's suggested list prices show that, for about the same cost as plain "do-it-youself" models of higher priced makes, you can have a distinguished Ford Fairlaine with Fordomatic Drive, power steering and brakes, power seat and windows . . . in fact, the works! No wonder so many are going for Ford.

America's "worth more" car.

-- Ford advertisement from The Saturday Evening Post.

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