Saturday, January 26, 2008

48 in '08 - January update

It's hard to believe, but in less then six (6) months, we'll be cruisin' in our Classic Thunderbirds to all 48 contiguous state capitals!

photo caption: "Lucy and Doc, Betsy Bird and Chick Magnet, on Santa Monica Pier."

The 48 in 08 tour website has been updated; the following have been added to the site:
Registration Form
Caravan Guidelines
Car Signage Information
Jan-Feb Newsletter
We're adding another 'option' to the tour. We'll be in Madison, WI, the same time as the annual Birds in the Dells. If the tour participants are interested, they can take part in some of the Birds in the Dells activities. A registration form for Birds in the Dells should be available from this year's organizers, the Southern Wisconsin Classic T-Bird club, in another month or so. The event will be headquartered at the Madison Marriott West in Middleton, WI.

Interest in the 48 in 08 tour is ever increasing. Another T-Birder recently expressed interest in driving his classic for the entire tour. T-Birders driving part of the tour have surpassed 20 and at least 18 CTCI chapters are interested in meeting the 48 in 08 participants when we're in their area.

It is going to be a T-Birder summer around the country!

For more information on 48 in '08, contact organizers:
Lucy Clark, 714-630-4066
Doc Dockter, 650-591-5939
or, send an e-mail to:

48 in 08 Tour information at

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