Thursday, November 1, 2007

Reflections On The Denver Regional Convention

WE LEFT OREGON, WISCONSIN on Wednesday, September 12th and stayed in Kearney, Nebraska where we got the last room! There was a big Farm Show in town.

We arrived at the Denver Marriott West at 2 p.m. on Thursday. The weather having been sunny for both of our travel days. The accumulation of bugs and road dirt dictated that we wash the 'Bird.

On Friday. the 14t, we again washed the 'Bird and got reacquainted with old friends before heading for dinner at a great steak place.

photo caption: The Osborne's with their '57 T-Bird in Denver, CO.

On Saturday, the 15th, we cleaned the 'Bird before the early judging commenced. There were no deductions for any mechanicaIs. The weather was still great, and the view of 128 two-passenger T-Birds made for quite a sight.

One Red '57 was sold for 155 big-ones before the Show; it needed an inner-hood repaint, after the dry-cell battery blew up when Marvin Hill started it! Our ears are still ringing.

CL and Sandra Hood ran the Concours again and they did a great job. We had dinner with Mary Jane's sister and niece, along with their husbands [they live in Denver].

On Sunday, the 16th, we took a bus tour into the mountains, where it rained. We were back in time for Cocktails and the Awards Dinner. It was a great program and we received a GOLD in Concours II, Non-Original; it was the last Award presented! This is not bad for an un-restored 'Bird that we have driven 50,000 miles since it was painted 21 years ago.

Monday, September 17th we left Denver and ran into rain: the engine started missing West of Omaha, so we stayed in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where it rained all night.

On Tuesday morning, the 18th. the 'Bird barely starts, as we welcome the fact that the rain is decreasing. The 'Bird stalls several times, so I pop the clutch in second gear and the engine restarts. I kick off the overdrive in order to increase the engine speed, as we finally out-run the big rain.

The home garage never looked so good, as we once more wash the T-Bird, took a shower and collapsed!

-- Dave and Mary Jane Osborne

Editor's Note: CONGRATULATIONS to our intrepid CTCC members for winning a CTCI GOLD Award! Dave and Mary Jane reside in Oregon, Wisconsin.

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