Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bodies For Thunderbird

The exciting car that established the 1956 style for the entire line of Ford automobiles, Thunderbird, has a body built to Ford specifications by The Budd Company. Unlike so much of our automobile activity, building individual body parts -- doors, roofs, hoods -- and building by the million, for Thunderbird we construct and assemble the entire body structure.

Here is an example of how Budd engineering, invention, craftsmanship and manufacturing efficiency, created for large scale operations, are applied with equal effectiveness to a car of relatively limited production.

It is this versatility which is constantly adding variety and quantity to products bearing the Budd name which, at a glance, might seem to bear but little relation to each other, but all of which have a common need for the scientific and manufacturing resources that Budd employs in many fields.

The Budd Company -- Philadelphia, Detroit, Gary

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