Monday, September 3, 2007

Editor's Notebook - Sept 2007

AFTER CAREFUL CONSIDERATION, THE CTCC BOARD has decided to authorize what I term a FACELIFT for Bird-News! Our revised format is the result of Bob Hoge's offer to have his bank, the Valley Community Bank (VCB), provide the printing service in exchange for a one-half page advertisement in our newsletters. This inaugural issue is another step in the history of mimeographed copies (1962) followed by printed, electronic typewriter and computerized versions in subsequent years. Our thanks to Bob for his contribution!

As noted on page 9, CTCC members and Dick and Jill Burdette join the "Tennessee T-Bird brigade!" The exodus already includes the Anthony's and the Jurkonie's, while the Wrigley's have relocated in Missouri!

For those readers who might have had an interest in owning a De Lorean, there still might be hope, since all existing parts have been purchased by a new owner. The tentative plans project the production of some 500 more Back-to-the-Future cars!

As of August 23rd, CTCI reports that International membership now stands at 6,091.

Under the heading of, Who Really cares, while Tulsa, Oklahoma officials try to locate the winner of the ill-fated (1957) burial of the Plymouth Belvedere, scientists are eager to compare the 1957 gas to present gas. (There were 2-cans of gas stored with the entombed Plymouth.) Ken Smizinski, tired of sifting through the minefield of info on the problem of zinc reduction in many motor oils, finally made telephone contact with an engineer! The news is good; details in October.

The third edition of the Geneva Concours (August 26th) found absolutely perfect weather as CTCC had representation by the Pavlak's '55 and the Kramer's '56. Pete Kramer won Best-in-Class! The Werth's and Kelly's were on-the-scene, as we viewed/photographed the impressive field of vehicles.

-- Ed., Bird-News

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