Monday, September 3, 2007

Bird-News Wins Gold


As Editor, I have tried to maintain a high-level of content related to the classic T-Bird with an occasional, non T-Bird story of general automotive interest. Thanks to our members for their contributions in making the achievement of this award possible!
-- Ed., Bird-News

August 7, 2007
Hi - Bert and Jane:
Hope all is well. You did it again, Bert! A Gold Award for the BIRD-NEWS. Congrats! The Jurkonie's and Anthony's participated in the Region 1 [CTCI] Convention in New Jersey. Perry's car won a Silver Award, so very close to a Gold. Bill's Bronze 'Bird, which now has a White Hard Top, won his first-ever Gold Award! We had fun and wish other CTCC members could have attended. Hello to all, Take care.
-- Sharon & Bill Jurkonie

August 9, 2007 5:26:35 P.M. Central Daylight Time
The Regional in NJ was excellent. Both the Jurkonies and we represented the Chicago club and were pleased to do it. We were the only ones from CTCC.
The event was a masterpiece in managing details for an exceptional Regional, with numerous people involved from this chapter of less than 40 members. The attention to detail was most appreciated and evident to most.
Bill and Sharon have worked enormously on their Bronze '57 and it looked just great ... so great it took a GOLD. Very deserved. Our "new" gunmetal also did well with a Silver, which is always good for a first time concours, I think.
We both trailered our cars, mostly without incident, although the lousy roads in Pennsylvania took a huge chunk from one of my trailer tires! We replaced it right on the concours grounds.
I took many old parts "for sale" from years of collecting and people seemed to really like the old original parts that I had ... especially the original FORD boxes. You can cancel my ad in "BN" for parts as nearly everything is gone.
A highlight of the evening was hearing your name ... and CTCC ... recognized for the newsletter. A GOLD to boot! Congratulations to you and Jane for all the hard work you put in. Bill J accepted the plaque on your behalf and I understand he has sent it to you.
Our best to everyone.
-- Perry [Anthony]

Congratulations on your award for the newsletter. You do a great job and I enjoy receiving it.
Bob Bowie
Editor - Metroplex Early Birds
Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

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