Sunday, April 29, 2012

College of DuPage Car Show

Follows below is Doug Roger's  summary of the CTCC participation at the show:

Assistant Professor Steve Thompson, Co-Host of the Latino Ethnic Association, and forty (40) college students of the College of DuPage (COD) went out of their way to extend their genuine hospitality during their inaugural Car Show on Sunday, April 22nd.  209 automobiles registered resulting in $8,000 being raised for minority scholarships.  COD considers the event a success as their goal was for 150 to 200 cars.  Additional students from the COD took pictures and video for their photography class and several English majors interviewed attendees as to how their automobile reflected their personality. On the Monday after, students critiqued their performance and have already come up with a dozen items to improve the next show, which they hope will become an annual event. Steve and the students are to be congratulated, as they put forth a tremendous amount of time and effort leading up to show and did everything possible to please all attendees throughout the day.
Seven Classic Thunderbirds and a 63 M-code Roadster were displayed by members Len Keil, Peter Kramer, Mike Pavlak, Ron Pavlak, Doug Rogers, Bill & Liz Werth, and Jim Wilson.  They endured a windy, mid 40 degree day to partake in the activities to include no less than a “low-rider hip-hop” demonstration by the local chapter of Street Wise.  For those that have never seen a “hip-hop” before the object is for the owner of the “low-rider” to bounce the car from front to back as high as possible with a remote using the car’s custom hydraulic system.  Seeing the cars bounce up and down with sparks flying is quite an interesting experience, to say the least.  While perhaps a bit out of sync with antique automobile enthusiasts, the “low-riders” were certainly not short on technology and quality workmanship with truly artistic paint schemes. One “low-rider” even had aircraft landing hydraulics supported by the typical six batteries in the trunk to lift the body from the frame in every configuration imaginable.  Over 200 photos of the COD Car Show were taken by Ron Brickman that can be viewed by visiting under the “My Photo Section” tab.
Doug Rogers

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