Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lakeside Brunch and Meeting At the Kramer's

PERHAPS Pete and Marylu Kramer
scanned the Farmer's Almanac before they chose Sunday, June 12" as the
date for their fabulous Brunch/Meeting. In any case, whatever the magic formula
was, it worked perfectly as the day unfolded into a glorious, sunny day.
The field of colors that greeted our arrival overflowed the driveway, spilling out onto the streets surrounding the Kramer's home. There were a few "strays" in the collection, but we'll refrain from mentioning names other than Lloyd Schellin! Lloyd's Yellow Flash had a gallery peering into the engine bay, the power-plant inciting expressions of wonder and awe! The alien turned out to be a 1976 Ford Falcon - on steroids! A bored 289 with special heads, intake-manfold, etc.

With visions of the world-famous(would you believe "Hinsdale's Best?"). Bloody Mary's, we headed for the bar, Here Pete performed his magic, producinq exquisitely crafted drinks, rivaling those that members have enjoyed at Morton's in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Pete's exclusive design included a giant shrimp, a slice of lime, a mini skewer and the obligatory stalk of celery- the stalks on steriods!

Having arrived a bit late, many members were already enjoying the fantastic Brunch fare, with an endless array of side dishes brought by club members. The beautiful weather found many enjoying the lakeside, outldoor deck area, while others remained at inside tables, etc. The colorful offerings included Egg Strata, Ham, fresh fruit and Chocolate-dipped, king-size Strawberries!

The one mishap ot the day occurred when Liz Werth was attempting to capture a table-group shot with her trusty camera. While composing the scene, Liz stepped back and fell, striking the back of her head on a small table. Members rushed to her aid, while Marylu dialed 911. Paramedics arrived and carried our Secretary out to an ambulance. About 2 hours later, the sound of applause signaled Liz's return, her medical expedition yielding 9-staples to secure the wound. Liz headed for the food table, her photo project having interrupted her Brunch plans. We were all relieved to find her in good-spirits, wth no complications from the backward fall.

Len Keil called the Meeting to order, with many members crowding the spacious, lakeside, deck area. A major porition of the meeting was devoted to details of upcoming events.
Finally, as with all good times, the gathering of the 'Birds came to an end.

We extend thanks to our gracious host's for a memorable day at their home!

The following members were on the scene: Tom £ Judy Bruin, Bert £ Jane Eisenhour. Pete & Lisa Ekstrom, Gordon Gluff, Mary Graziano & Paul Ureche, Joel Greenberg & Annie Luginbill, Gail Hascek, Laura Hascek & Mike Ciclenski. John & Francine Howard, Larry Johnson & Sue L'Hommedieu, Len & Mary Keil, Larry & Karen Kelly, Joe & Sandy Kraatz, Pete & Marylu Kramer, Bud & Cindy Kryszak, Jerry & Doreen Michna, Ron Pavlak, Jerry & Pat Peterson, Doug & Soon Rogers, Lloyd & Joan Schellin, Gary & Debby Smithe, Ken & Kathy Smizinski, Bob Sroka, Bill & Bonnie Thelen, Len & Irene Vinyard, Bill & Liz Werth, Jim Wilson, Kami Woody.

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