Sunday, March 6, 2011


Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, 1 did sell the car -for $38K + IO% buyers fee to B-J (Total of $41,800 to the buyer). This was less than we had hoped for as we were told to expect $50-70K. Our expected time slot was for Sunday afternoon of the last day, around 1:15 PM. Our actual time on the block was an hour later and there were 3 other 2-seater 'Birds sold before ours that day; (a '57, a '55, and a Minter-restored '55. Ironically, all three cars were Flame Red - the same color combo as ours -with white porthole hardtop.) That one-hour delay and number of T-Birds being offered, we believe, resulted in diminished buyer interest, and a smaller crowd as people were mentally finished with the auction on late Sunday PM.

In the seven days of the event, there were a total of 21 2-seater T-Birds sold:
9 - '55's Ranging from $70,000 to $33,000 (Average of $46,890) "Hammer Price" + 10% Buyer's commission to B-J
5 - '56's Ranging from $115,000 to $42,000 (Average of $62,200) "Hammer Price" + 10% Buyer's commission to B-J
7 - '57's Ranging from $120,000 to $36,000 (Average of $65,860) "Hammer Price" + 10% Buyer's commission to B-J

Each of these can be accessed at the following link: h

Also, each seller must pay B-J an 8.0% "seller's commission" and a consignment fee of $500 - $1,500 to B-J. So, B-J does pretty well!

I was disappointed in this year's offerings- mostly '60's - '90's muscle cars! Lots of Chevys, especially big-engined Vettes and '60/70's sedans/cpes/converts. I think this is a sign of the fact that this auction attracts high-end buyers seeking their "dream car" of when they came of age. The majority of buyers there seemed to be "baby-boomer" age, and therefore, the '60's to '90's interest. There seemed to be far less "real classic" cars this year compared to the last 2 prior years (from my memory of both events).

Although I'm disappointed in my outcome, Anne and I are ok with it all. We had tried to sell our car here locally - advertising for a year in the CTCI Newletter, and having consigned the vehicle to the Volo Auto Museum for 2 summers, and having displayed it in several Volo-sponsored car shows - with no serious interest shown from any of this effort.

So it is DONE. We've freed up a heated garage space- and had 11 year's worth of enjoying our gorgeous Red '57!

Since we continue to have our home also on the market - wishing to spend our winter's in AZ where our daughter and her family live -we are continuing to try and simplify our life.

I have enjoyed my membership in CTCC for II years, despite [the fact] that I have never been very active, and I have very fond memories of the Baby Bird Birthday Bash at the beautiful Sanfillipo Palace in 2005!

Of course, my heart still pounds when I see a two-seater T-Bird!
Best of continued good luck to all the members of CTCC!

Cordially, Ted Zemper

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