Saturday, January 1, 2011

Editor's Notebook- Dec. 2010


THE FIRST MENTION OF SNOW IN THE WEATHER REPORT didn't stop Tom and Judy Bruin from providing us with an inviting schedule for the Spring Tour- Pg. 7.

The (tentative) CTCC Calendar for 2011 provides a glimpse of things-to-come for our membership. Be sure to check out the January Brunch/Play event that is detailed on page 9. Make your Reservations!

The approach of WINTER signals time for a review of storage for the T-Birds, as well as other collectibles. See page 6 for two (2) Guides.

This issue includes two nostalgic items: The (ca. 1980) Ad (pg. 10) presented the ill-fated replica at $25,000, with a $1000 deposit! The Saturday Evening Post excerpt (page 3) pays tribute to the T-Bird.

Liz Werth reports the successful recovery of photos and info on her computer! The lesson: Make sure you have a working BACKUP!

The Electronic distribution of BIRD-NEWS- send us your e-mail.

This B-N will be late; Tom, at VCB, has undergone back surgery.

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