Sunday, October 10, 2010


THE FIRST FULL-DAY OF FALL PRODUCED A TANTALIZING temperature of 89 degrees! Reality set in very soon thereafter, dashing any hopes for the 80's.

The CTCC Calendar provides a realistic view, as we prepare for the last road-trip of the year. Len and Mary Keil have planned a tour to Cedarburg, Wl on Sunday, Oct. 17m. [See Schedule on page 3.]

Early reports on the Fall Tour indicate that good weather prevailed! Look for the story by Karen Kelly in the November issue.

A delegation of CTCC members greeted the members of the Puget Sound Early Birds upon their arrival here on September 23rd. Coverage of the event appears on page 9, the highlight being our dinner at the fabled Del Rhea's Chicken Basket on the old Rte. 66!

Liz Werth has recently encountered the dreaded computer CRASH, so she is in urgent need of any photos you have from 2010 Club events/Tours, etc. These form the year-in-Review Program content for the Nov. meeting. Contact Liz at:

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