Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hot Dog & Brats- 2010


Birds-of-a-feather - Something Old. Something New?

The 4th Annual 'Keil Gala' attract­ed a good number of T-Birds, the surprising thing being that there were almost as many Retro 'Birds as the originals!

While the temperature soared to an of­ficial 93 degrees, it became apparent that the comfort offered by an Air-Conditioned ride won out over classic!

Traveling north with Bob and Helen Hoge (in their A/C equipped wheels), we were able to endure the oppressive heat with the top down in our 'rental' '02 'Bird. Our routing took us through some scenic back roads, before we returned to Rte. 31 in Richmond, IL (Just north of Johnsburg).

As to be expected, shade became a priority for everyone; Len and Mary had even set up a small tent in their driveway. Fortunately, the 2-story home is positioned to block the afternoon sun, providing a measure of relief from the intense heat. The demand for liquid refreshments bore testimony to the effects of the very warm summer day!

It was not long before the aroma of charcoal fires indicated the grilling of hot dogs and brats! Grill Master, Paul Ureche, soon had the first batch of dogs ready for consumption by the hungry members. A wide array of tasty side dishes completed the feast that was enjoyed by one and all.
Later on, it was fitting that we paused to offer a toast in memory of Joe Zambon. It is interesting to note that the toast was made with .... Thunderbird wine! (I'm certain that Joe would have given us a smile of approval.)

Although the Driveway Movie (American Graffiti) had been scheduled as an added attraction to this year's event, it became obvious that most everyone opted to call it a day - following dessert and much more T-Bird talk, so the film was not shown.

Our thanks to Len and Mary Keil for host­ing still another most enjoyable gathering,
resplendent with good food, T-Bird camaraderie, and an interesting mix of
Ford products! - Editor

The following members were on-the-scene:
Tom Bruin, Steve Davajon, Bert & Jane Eisenhour, Pete & Lisa Ekstrom. Jim Elijah, Maryann Graziano & Paul Ureche, Joel Greenberg & Annie Luginbill, Art Hahl, Bob & Helen Hoge, Len & Mary Keil, Joe & Sandy Kraatz, Pete & Marylu Kramer, Jerry & Pat Peterson, Doug & Soon Rogers, Bob Sroka, Bill & Bonnie Thelen, Len & Irene Vinyard, Tom & Alice Wolfe and Kami Woody.

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