Monday, October 12, 2009

Editor's Notebook Oct. 2009

The Editor's Notebook

WITH THE OFFICIAL ARRIVAL OF FALL, IT SIGNALS THE time for the CTCC Fall Tour to take wing - Oct. 2nd - 4th. Look for the story and photos in the November issue! The CTCC Election of Officers found the incumbents retaining their posts, as there were no nominations made from the floor. See page 6 for Bill Werth's photograph of the (smiling) group!

Photo- CTCC Officers for 2010- Standing: Pete Kramer- Vice President, Len Keil- President. Seated: Liz Werth - Secretary, Bob Hoge- Treasurer

Having been involved with the Meadowdale Race facility during its hey day, I have devoted a page to the 50th Anniversary of the now abandoned road course. See page 3 for the memories. The shrinking CTCC Calendar reflects the fact that "T-Bird Season" is fast disappearing! The November 12th Meeting will feature a photo review of the 2009 activities to-date, a Power-Point production by Liz Werth. Also, voting for the BERT EISENHOUR AWARD for 2009 is on the agenda, with the presentation scheduled for the Holiday Party in Dec.

We have learned that long-time member. Pat Giffin, has recently suffered some health issues, but we are happy to report that he is now at home during his recovery.

While the Calendar (page 2) now includes a reminder for CTCI members to plan for the International Convention in June of 2010, it is not too early to start preparing T-Birds for the Concours event! The relatively close proximity of the Convention should encourage a good turnout from our CTCC membership. Check EARLY BIRD for detailed info.

Speaking of 2010, the CTCC Board has decided to eliminate the Spring Tour from our schedule, since the International Convention will attract so many of our members.

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