Friday, June 12, 2009

President's Report- June 2009



During the March General Club Meeting, a very emotional Urszula Mounts, announced to the membership that this would be the last [CTCC] function that she and Paul would be attending, as they are moving to Florida in early May.

Although Paul has talked about moving for sometime, this announcement surprised a lot of members. Paul has been an active member for more years than he probably wants to remember. He is also the reason Mary and I joined the Club in 1994. I recall the times Paul drove his T-Bird past our home, and giving me the "Thumbs Up" when I asked his advice on purchasing our '57 'Bird. He will always be our great friend.

Anyone who has attended Club outings and tours knows of Paul's ability to bring his childhood experiences of being raised on a farm in rural Kentucky, to present- day happenings. Paul would mesmerize Club members with his anecdotes on everyday life. Perhaps you may have noticed Paul's aversion to chicken; it seems that when growing up on the farm, it was his job to take care of the chickens - from beginning to end. Need I say more?

Let's not forget Urszula! This delightful lady, a more recent member, has won the hearts of everyone she has met. We wish them great success and happiness in their new venture. Urszula, when making herannouncement at the meeting, invited all Club members to visit them when in Florida. She may regret this, since so many of our members winter in Florida! (Ha, Ha!)

Paul is one of those really great guys who is always ready to help anyone in need. He and Urszula WILL be missed by all.
- Len Keil

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