Monday, May 25, 2009

The Editor's Notebook- May 2009

the editors Notebook
Bert Eisenhour

IN SPITE OF ITS TRANSITORY BEAUTY, THE SNOW, WHICH GREETED US ON the morning of April 6th was most depressing to any owner of a collector car whose destiny is to live in the Midwest! While the dialogue for the lower picture on page 3 is mine, the facts remain: The driver was unaware of his extra "passenger" and he didn't suspect any problem - until his engine began over-heating!

The Mustang coverage on page 6 is included in this issue, since Bob Fria is a former member of CTCC. His # 1 Hardtop was featured at the Ford Centennial in 2003.

Thanks to Pete and Marylu Kramer, we will enjoy a Brunch/Meeting at their home on Sunday. June 14th. Details and directions appear on page 7. Mark the special date on your Calendar!

While the Air-Conditioning treatise (page 8) is quite obviously "tongue-in-cheek" (with the possible exception of #3), it is most interesting to note that photo #2 was submitted by the Elgin Police Department! We have a Redneck living in the Chicago suburbs? Page 9 features another edition of License Plates With a Message, thanks to Annie Luginbill! Thanks to Ken and Polly Kresmery, CTCC members are again invited to attend their super event - Day at the Hangar - on Sunday, August 23rd! Members attending last year's (13th Annual edition) reported having a marvelous time - plus a selection of excellent food-fare! COVER: (last para.): Should read ...... smaller 14" tires. [1955 &1956 T-Birds featured 15"tires.1

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