Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Editors Notebook- April, 2009

the editors Notebook

AS SPRING MAKES ITS OFFICIAL 2009 ENTRANCE, WE DO SEE some encouraging signs that will put our T-Birds back on-the-road! Moderating temperatures and no road-salt give us hope. Our hard-working Webmaster, Joel Greenberg, has indicated that he will be listing the routing for the Spring Tour about one-week prior to the event. If you are signed up for the Tour, be sure to check out the CTCC Website in advance of the departure date - May 1st.

As mentioned in this column last month, e-mail from member, Dave Zornig, mentioned the fact that he had found a brochure covering one of the several attempts to market Replicas! It was this note (in 2008) that spurred my interest in a 'review' of the efforts by six different firms. The information is presented on pages 9 and 10 of this issue.

The picture of the Pavlak's Studebaker Hawk (page 6) was taken at the CCCA Car Show at Oak Brook Shopping Center on Father's Day, last June. The Greater Illinois Region of the CCCA annual display of approximately 100 cars is a major fund-raiser for the Club.

The rear-cover photo was received at press-time, so details of the special T-Bird event will be published in the May issue. Perry Anthony reports that the outing found 33 members of their Smoky Mountain Club enjoying the Terry Evanswood Magic Show and party!

Will you and your T-Bird be traveling the Illinois Highways before April1st?

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