Sunday, February 15, 2009

President's Report

Bert Eisenhour Award

The recipient of the Bert Eisenhour Award is determined by the voting of Club members for a member who has shown outstanding service, beyond and above the expected level, for the betterment of the Club.

Why is this award called THE BERT EISENHOUR AWARD? A few facts:

1962: Bert and five other T-Birders started your Club. [Founded as T.S.C.C.C. - Thunderbird Sports Car Club ofChicagoland] The Volume 1, Number 1 issue of Bird News was published in March of 1962.

1970: Bert assumes the Title of Bird News Editor, continuing to serve in this capacity, uninterrupted, to the present; even though there were some serious health issues, Bert has never missed an issue.

Photo- The Bert Eisenhour Award

Being editor, he is responsible for the entire publication of this newsletter; i.e., content, format, etc. (Color printing is courtesy of member, Bob Hoge, President of the Valley Community Bank, St. Charles.)

Since accepting the Editor's position, 38 years ago, Bert has overseen the printing of 456 issues of the B-N. This equates to approximately 15,000 individual pieces, be they articles, pictures or whatever is to be printed for the CTCC newsletter. (This number is purely a guess on my part)
Go ahead - count the individual pieces in the monthly copy. Let's do some math:
Time needed to create each issue: this is a guesstimate: 40 hours. 40 hours times 456 issues equates to 18,240 hours, using 2080 - as the average hours worked per year - equals an average of 40 hours per week.

Numbers figure out that Bert has worked on the B-N for 8 3/4 years, in real time. Bert has set the standard for dedication to our Club. In addition to having earned any number of plaques in newsletter competitions, Bert has earned Gold Awards in the CTCI Newsletter Contests in 2007 and 2008.

This, in a few sentences, is why it is called the 'BERT EISENHOUR AWARD'.

"Now you know."

- Len Keil, President

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