Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Editor's Notebook - September 2008

the editor's NOTEbook

With this issue, the reality of a fleeting summer sets in; the CTCC calendar is now showing only four events for 2008! An updated schedule for the Annual Fall Tour is presented on page 10. Since this is the last planned driving event for the year, check out the information and make your RESERVATIONS as soon as possible.

A rather hectic month has seen CTCC members attend the Annual Picnic (story by Marylu Kramer on page 8) as well as the Day at the Hangar (story and photos scheduled for the October issue of B-N). Thanks to members Ken and Polly Kresmery for inviting CTCC members to join them for this very special event!

Photo: Bert Eisenhour and Jeff Mahl

The cover photo this month features a group of dedicated T-Bird "racers" awaiting the starter's flag for their thrill of victory race in 1956! It is another of the photos in the Thunderbird Anthology CD.

If you are interested in the progress of the 48 in 08 T-Bird group, check out thir site which provides daily reports and pictures" We paid a brief visit when they were enjoying a lunch-stop at Rockford College on August 22nd. Rudy and Jandet Budach traveled on to the Madison area with the group. Janet's account of the Dells Event will be featured in the October issue of B-N.

The Geneva Concours (August 22-24) was a fantastic succss, the Guest of Honor being Jeff Mahl, the Great Grandson of the winning driver of the 1908 Great Race, George Schuster. To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Race, we include a picture (back cover) of Jeff and myself at the fabulous Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove. The estate contains a private golf course and a magnificent collection of automobiles! Jeff was my T-Bird passenger for the "tour" to visit the Rich Farms car museum.

Due to limited space in this issue, Part 2 of the "The True Sory..." will appear in the October issue.

The CTCC Annual Meeting and Election of Officers will take place at Russell's BBQ on September 11th. See "Upcoming Events" (page 1) for directions and futher information.

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