Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Editors Notebook- March 2008

AS WINTER CONTINUES TO HOLD US IN ITS TENACIOUS GRIP, we can only dream of that day when we will once again hear the burble of a T-Bird V-8!

As noted on the cover, this issue marks the first Bird-News in the 46th year of publication!

photo caption: This month, on our March 2008 cover, we feature the 1956 Ford Thunderbird. The photo is one of thirty included in The Thunderbird Anthology CD that was introduced in the February issue. The low-angle camera view enhances the styling cues on this Peacock Blue T-Bird. In April, we will feature the 1957 model. with some great '55, '56 and '57 shots to follow!

The already busy CTCC Calendar will soon include a special event for the month of August. Thanks to our new members Ken and Polly Kresmery, CTCC members have been invited to attend their 13th Annual Day At The Hangar event on Sunday, August 24th. The gathering is staged at the Poplar Grove Airport and features an Italian Sausage and Sweet Corn Lunch (2:00 p.m.) with the Bar open at High Noon! There will be many exciting things to do, including a ride in a '57 T-Bird or a Red Jaguar XKE! Look for details in the April issue, and save the date.

See page 9 for the April 19th CTCC Tech-Session schedule and sign-up. Detailed information on the Annual CTCC Spring Tour (May 2nd-5th) appears on page 10. Check out the schedule and make your event and hotel Reservations for this tour to Dearborn, MI as soon as possible.

An updated schedule for the mid-western portion of the 48 in '08 event is presented below. A few CTCC members are considering participation for one or two days while the group visits the Springfield, Illinois State Capital on August 21st and 22nd.
48 in 08 - Updated Schedule (for our Midwestern area)
DAY 28: August 21st
7:00AM Depart Louisville, KY
9:00AM Stop in Indianapolis, IN
12:00PM Depart Indianapolis
6:10PM Arrive Springfield, IL (322.8mi)
DAY 29: August 22nd
7:00AM Depart Springfield, lL
3:11PM Arrive Madison, WI (269.1mi)
DAY 30: August 23rd
7:00AM Depart Madison
7:53AM Arrive Horicon, WI (50.3mi)(oil fiIter changes)
DAY 31: August 24th
7:00AM Depart Horicon
4:14PM Arrive Lansing, MI (407.0mi)(TZC)

Speaking of long-distance touring, the Indiana T-Bird Club is attempting to organize a Coast to Coast Rally as recorded in their cryptic message that appears on page 7! We hope to receive more detailed information for inclusion in the April issue. Stay tuned!

If you are planning to attend the CTCI Convention in Portland, Oregon this summer, send me an e-mail indicating your intended means of travel. Thus far, your Editor is planning to travel west by land, while Bill and Liz Werth will take to the skies for their preferred method of transport!

A stylish and functional wardrobe accessory, magnetic CTCC Names Badges are continually available. Perfect for CTCC events! If you wish to order a name badge(s), click here for more information and instructions to get an order form and payment to coordinator Liz Werth.

While still a 'work-in-progress', the revamped CTCC website is being modernized by our webmaster, Joel Greenberg. Check out the site, www.ctcc9.com, as Joel heads for the Grand Opening!

Be sure to check out the rear-cover Ford Photo Quiz! Look for the ANSWER in the April issue.


-- Bert Eisenhour, Ed. Bird-News

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