Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tech Tip - Pump Gone Bad

Good Morning Bert:

Recently, I had a generator failure, and decided to replace it with an alternator. Shortly thereafter, I noticed a greasy mess under the hood. But, it wasn't grease. To make a long story short; I called Ken, who suggested that it might be the water pump failing. He was right, as usual. Apparently, when I Installed the new belt, it increased loading on the pump bearing causing it to start to fail. I purchased a new water pump - with the modified impeller, along with a new thermostat, 170 degrees. Having installed same, could not believe the difference in operating water temp. It now holds between 170 -175 degrees, even on the hottest days. (I have a digital gauge.) The coolant temperature is about 20 deg. cooler than before!

-- Thanks, Len Keil

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